Study Shows That Full Fat Dairy Hardly Causes Any Harm

Study Shows That Full Fat Dairy Hardly Causes Any Harm

Consumption of dairy products like full fat milk, butter, cheese are often regarded as culprits of heart diseases. But a study conducted by the research team at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth) proves that it is not so and in fact these dairy products might actually boost heart health.

Dairy Boosts Heart Health

“Our findings not only support, but also significantly strengthen, the growing body of evidence which suggests that dairy fat, contrary to popular belief, does not increase risk of heart disease or overall mortality in older adults. In addition to not contributing to death, the results suggest that one fatty acid present in dairy may lower risk of death from cardiovascular disease, particularly from stroke,” said Marcia Otto, Ph.D., the study’s first and corresponding author and assistant professor in the Department of Epidemiology, Human Genetics and Environmental Sciences at UTHealth School of Public Health as published by Science Daily.

The Study

The study was conducted by including 3000 adults who are of 65 years of age or more. The study was conducted at two intervals of six and thirteen years and it was found that none of the fatty acids had affected their mortality rate over this period. “Consistent with previous findings, our results highlight the need to revisit current dietary guidance on whole fat dairy foods, which are rich sources of nutrients such as calcium and potassium. These are essential for health not only during childhood but throughout life, particularly also in later years when undernourishment and conditions like osteoporosis are more common,” Otto said.

She also added that, “consumers have been exposed to so much different and conflicting information about diet, particularly in relation to fats. It’s therefore important to have robust studies, so people can make more balanced and informed choices based on scientific fact rather than hearsay.”


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