#PollRoundUp: Here’s All That You Voted For Last Week

The week gone by saw some fun food, snacks, and dessert-related opinion polls that had a slight inclination towards the world of junk. The polls featured a bunch of choices including your go-to snack at the movies and a choice between all the sorts of dessert pies. Meanwhile there now exists a fall-themed Kit Kat that comes in the signature pumpkin pie flavour! Whaddup pumpkin spice season! So, how did your choices fare? Find out in last week’s poll round up. Here’s what the poll results look like!


#1 What’s Your Favorite Movie Time Snack?


#2 Which Of These Breads Do You Relish?


#3 Which Of These Pies Is Your Dessert Love?


#4 Gear Up For Fall With Some Pumpkin Pie Kit Kat!


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