Gik Live! Just Dropped A Gorgeous Unicorn Tears Wine

While we’re all a bit relieved that the unicorn food trend has died down considerably, we sometimes miss the wild and colourful way food was presented. However, Gik Live! may be bringing the trend back (albeit in a more palatable way) with their sparkly, pink, Unicorn Tears wine!

It’s millennial pink, a rosé and just what the doctor ordered to get us through 2019! According to the website run by the husband and wife duo they’ve “created a magical wine that brings happiness and optimism to their small winery in Navarra, Spain.”

“It is well know that unicorn tears have the power to transform unexciting days into wonderful days,” the description continues, and we’re certain that a sparkly, pink wine will definitely do the trick!

A bit tongue-in-cheek, the wine is described as “Made with real unicorn tears in an undisclosed location,” – sounds magical indeed! If you’d like to try it, you can get yourself a pack of three bottles for 43 Pounds here! Unfortunately, they’re only selling in the EU at the moment, but surely a taste of Unicorn Tears is worth a trip?


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