Celebrate Madras Day With Madras Diner As They Celebrate Their First Anniversary!

Last year, on this day, a multi-cuisine restaurant was opened in Mogaippur. For Manoj Hemadri and Vijai Chandrasekaran, it was more than about opening a business venture. It was about returning to a place where they had roots. It began with opening Bean Factory under Wake Up India Foods Private Limited. Once it found a place in people’s heart, they felt they still had to something more. They wanted to capture the essence that Madras is, and at the same time to give it, a modern touch that today’s audience can relate with.

Thus, Madras Diner was born on 22nd of August. No day fits more perfectly than Madras Day for opening a place that wants to reflect everything Chennai stands for. The place is known for its traditional dishes with a modern finish to it. Be it the Murungakkai soup, Mutton Chukka or Hariyali Macchi Tikka each dish stands out on its own.

The Madras Diner Cafe located above the restaurant is the perfect place in the city to hang out with your friends after a long day; you can just curl up in one of their comfy chairs and sip on some of their signatures mocktails. Or you could just play a game of pool or read through some of the books kept on the bookshelf. If you are in the mood to click some pictures, you can just take selfies in the selfie booth where there is perfect lighting for that perfect picture!

After a sumptuous meal upstairs, there is a quaint little bakery, waiting for you downstairs. Filled with delicious cakes, Danish pastries, croissants, Madras bakery has become one of the most popular destinations for desserts.

A dream that was born out of the desire to give something back to the city they grew up, the Madras Diner along with the café and the bakery has been slowly integrated into the city’s heart. On this Madras Day, join them as they celebrate their first anniversary at Madras Diner, Mogaipur. For delivery & orders: 044-65753737 or 9941400037.







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